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Wills & Estates
We can talk about life situations with respect and privacy, and work to organize your future.
DUI & Criminal Defense
Ms. Ammons can help you understand the process by which the legal system proceeds and work toward resolution.
Elder Law Practice
Legal concerns change as we get older. Our lives become more complex and real life problems can require expertise to solve.

Experienced Missoula Family Law Attorney


Ms. Ammons is a professional Missoula Attorney offering: family law and divorce, criminal defense, wills & estates, health and elder law services. You will find that she provides thoughtful experience exploring how to proceed, then creating individual solutions. Ms. Ammons can guide you through the legal system.  She will work respectfully with your personal situation, and toward your future.
 She serves her clients from Missoula, reaching across all Montana.

Wills & Estates

Professional at Wills and Estates. Contact Ms. Ammons for more info.

Defending Professional Licenses

Professional at Defending Professional Licenses. Contact Ms. Ammons for more info.

Elder Law & Health Related Legal Issues

Professional at Health Related Issues. Contact Ms. Ammons for more info.

DUI & Criminal Defense

Professional at DUI and Criminal Defense. Contact Ms. Ammons for more info.

Seeking legal help? You need a lawyer who can solve the problems


Ms. Ammons grew up in the Flathead Valley. She is a registered nurse and an attorney.

As a nurse she saw firsthand that vulnerable people need protection and guidance.
As a lawyer, she believes in protecting her clients and resolving problems as they arise.

She practices in many areas including:

  • Wills & Estates
  • Family Law & Dissolution of Marriage
  • Defending Professional Licenses
  • DUI & Criminal Defense

If you are seeking legal help, you need an attorney who can solve the problems while explaining the issues in an understandable way.


State and Federal Jurisdictions across Montana

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